The Little Soap Company – Pure English Lavender

The Little Soap Company is vegan and cruelty-free and in my endeavour to try all the cosmetics that fit this bill and rate them I came across their bar soap. I am trying to use less plastic and prefer using bar soap anyway but I must say the Pure English Lavender soap they have is incredible. It has such a fresh and herby scent and lathers so well, this one is perfect for anyone who showers at night or just wants a super calming fragrance.


This soap didn’t have any plastic packaging at all, just a little cardboard case, it was just £3.99 and I got it at Boots, they had a lot of other scents as well which I intend to try soon as I really enjoyed this soap. I would urge anyone who is looking for something that is vegan and cruelty-free to try The Little Soap Company!

This is not an ad, I am not sponsored by anyone or anything like that but if you want to check out this companies products here is a link for The Little Soap Company’s website.

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